Belgrade Internet Tourney 2018

Group A – #2 , Mate in two moves


Judge: Marjan Kovačević, International Judge

Published 1. July, Final version on 1. August

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From the tournament director Marko Ložajić I received 22 anonimous entries. Our young colleague did excellent work as director, including translation of all comments into English, which made the tourney “even more anonymous”…
The thematic condition asked for a spectacular key-move that retreats one active white piece from the main scene. In the initial position this thematic white piece either controls two squares around black King, or may potentially execute two mating moves. An additional requirement was to show at least one thematic try.
This type of possibly very attractive key-move was suggested by David Shire, following some thoughts of the great Comins Mansfield. Unfortunately, my description of movement of the key-piece ("withdraws completely from the scene"), wasn’t precise and left different interpretations of what this piece might be used for. At the end, it turned out that key-moves of the vast majority of entries could hardly compete with those from two given examples. The only useful effect of key moves in the two examples was interference of black lines, far away from BK. Such effect I found more surprising than others like pin, battery creation, flight-control, or mating duty, used in majority of entries. In such situation I opted for a liberal approach, and the award turned to be a compromise between my (carelessly formulated) wishes, and reality of the tourney.
Still, I excluded some extreme cases that strongly contradict to retrieval effects presented in the thematic examples. Such is No.9 (Kc1-Ke5, 1.Se4!), where thematic piece comes much closer to the BK than in initial position.
Here is the list of the problems that I liked most:
1st Prize, Evgeny PERMYAKOV & Fedir KAPUSTIN
white Bb5 Kc6 Qd1 Pc5g2e3 Sd3g4 Rf1d5 black Pa2d2e2f2b3d6g5f6 Sh1 Bd8 Ke4

#2 (10+11)


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FEN: 3b4/8/2Kp1p2/1BPR2p1/4k1N1/1p1NP3/p2pppP1/3Q1R1n
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Prize, Dragan STOJNIĆ & Srećko RADOVIĆ
white Ba8g1 Ka1 Qb8 Pa2c5d3 Se4f1 Rd2e1 black Qh4 Pb4f2f4f5 Kd4 Bf8 Sg6

#2 (11+8)


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FEN: BQ3b2/8/6n1/2P2p2/1p1kNp1q/3P4/P2R1p2/K3RNB1
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Prize, Dragan STOJNIĆ & Ljubiša PAPIĆ
white Bc1h7 Ka1 Qb7 Pa3f6 Sa4c5 Re5f4 black Qg6 Pa2a5c2d4e2 Kc4 Bg8 Sb5

#2 (10+9)


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FEN: 6b1/1Q5B/5Pq1/pnN1R3/N1kp1R2/P7/p1p1p3/K1B5
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Prize, Anatoly VASILENKO
white Bd1a1 Kb5 Qf4 Pa4f3f2e5 Sc3g4 Rh3 black Qh8 Pd2d4a2e6 Kd3 Rg8 Bf8h7

#2 (11+9)


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FEN: 5brq/7b/4p3/1K2P3/P2p1QN1/2Nk1P1R/p2p1P2/B2B4
(C+ by Popeye)

1st Hon. Mention, Anatoly SLESARENKO
white Bg1c8 Kh1 Qb8 Pf7h3h2 Sf3d6 Rd7f1 black Pe5g6b3a5 Kf4 Rh5a7 Sh8

#2 (11+8)


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FEN: 1QB4n/r2R1P2/3N2p1/p3p2r/5k2/1p3N1P/7P/5RBK
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Hon. Mention, Emanuel NAVON
white Bc2g5 Ka8 Qf3 Pg2e4c5c6 Sd4d8 Rd2a4 black Sh8 Ph2f2f4f5 Bg3c4 Rf1h3 Ke5

#2 (12+10)


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FEN: K2N3n/8/2P5/2P1kpB1/R1bNPp2/5Qbr/2BR1pPp/5r2
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Hon. Mention, CGS NARAYANAN
white Bb8f1 Kg8 Qe7 Pe2f7 Sh3f6 Rh1 black Pg5 Ba8g1 Ra4 Kh4

#2 (9+5)


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FEN: bB4K1/4QP2/5N2/6p1/r6k/7N/4P3/5BbR
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Hon. Mention, Zoran GAVRILOVSKI
white Ba2b8 Kg2 Qd3 Pf7f6c3b4 Sh6d5 Re8b5 black Bc1e6 Ke5 Qh7 Pb6c5d6f5g5e3 Sh8 Rg7

#2 (12+12)


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FEN: 1B2R2n/5Prq/1p1pbP1N/1RpNkpp1/1P6/2PQp3/B5K1/2b5
(C+ by Popeye)

1st Commend., Zoran GAVRILOVSKI
white Bh4d1 Kf5 Qb5 Pb4 Sd5 Re6d7 black Pf6c7d6f4e4d3d2b2 Sb1 Bd8 Kd4 Re8

#2 (8+12)


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FEN: 3br3/2pR4/3pRp2/1Q1N1K2/1P1kpp1B/3p4/1p1p4/1n1B4
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Commend., Živko JANEVSKI
white Bg8b6 Kh6 Qf8 Pd5e5 Sg4f4 Rg5d1 black Pc2c4f3g6 Ke4 Rd4 Bd2

#2 (101+7)


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FEN: 5QB1/8/1B4pK/3PP1R1/2prkNN1/5p2/2pb4/3R4
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Commend., CGS NARAYANAN
white Bd7 Kg8 Qb4 Pc6 Sc8e2 Rc5 black Qa1 Ph5g6f7 Kf6 Ra3 Bh6

#2 (7+7)


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FEN: 2N3K1/3B1p2/2P2kpb/2R4p/1Q6/r7/4N3/q7
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Commend., Menachem WITZTUM
white Bh5a1 Kh7 Qb3 Pg6d2a2 Se6d3 Rc1f7 black Qa5 Pb6b5b4g5g3h6e7e2 Ke4 Ba7h1

#2 (11+14)


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FEN: 8/b3pR1K/1p2N1Pp/qp4pB/1p2k1r1/1Q1N2p1/P2Pp3/B1Rr3b
(C+ by Popeye)


Thematic condition

Spectacular key + thematic try-play.

A white piece controlling at least 2 squares around bK (Example 1), or having possibility of giving at least 2 mates (Example 2) "withdraws completely from the scene" after the key-move. Composers (and judge) are free to value the spectacular character of the withdrawal. Additional condition is presence of at least one thematic try (as in Example 2, but not in Examples 1).

Example 1:

Adventures in Composition 1944

white Qe1 Sc5e4 Bh7 Ka1 black Qa8 Pc6a4c4e3 Sd8 Rb7 Kc2


1.Sc5-d7 ! threat: 2.Se4-c5 # 1...Kc2-d3 2.Qe1-d1 # 1...Kc2-b3 2.Qe1-c3 # 1...Rb7-b1 + 2.Qe1*b1 # 1...Rb7-b3 2.Se4-c3 #

Example 2:

The Problemist 1981

white Pf5 Ka7 Be7g2 Se4 Rf4c2 black Sh2 Pb6a5a4 Rh6h5 Bh8 Kb5


1.f5-f6 ? threat: 2.Se4-c3 # 2.Se4-d6 # 1...Rh6*f6 2.Se4-c3 # but 1...Rh5-d5 ! 1.Se4-f6 ! threat: 2.Bg2-c6 # 2.Rc2-b2 # 1...Rh6*f6 2.Rc2-b2 # 1...Bh8*f6 2.Bg2-c6 # 1...Sh2-f3 2.Bg2-f1 #


Evgeny Permyakov

Fedor Kapustin

Dragan Stojnić

Srećko Radović

Ljubiša Papić

Anatoly Vasilenko


Emanuel Navon
(ver. Judge)

2.H.M. BIT 2018

white Bg5c6 Kc5 Qf3 Pe4 Sd4c7 Ra4 black Rf1h3 Sh1a2 Bc4g3 Ke5 Pf2h2f5f4


{ 1.Qe3? ~ 2.Sf3# 1...fxe4, Bh4 2.Qxe4, Qxf4# 1...Be2! 1.Qd3? fxe4 2.Qxe4# 1...Bh4! 1.Qc3? fxe4! } 1.Qf3-h5 ! threat: 2.Sd4-f3 # 1...Bg3-h4 2.Qh5-h8 # 1...Bc4-e2 2.Qh5-e8 # 1...f5*e4 2.Bg5-h4 #


1 Suleyman Abdullayev - AZE
2 Zoran Gavrilovski - MKD
3 Živko Janevski - MKD
4 Dieter Müller - GER
5 CGS Narayanan - IND
6 Emanuel Navon - ISR
7 Dragan Stojnić - SRB,
Ljubiša Papić - SRB
8 Evgeny Permyakov - RUS,
Fedir Kapustin - RUS
9 Emanuel Navon - ISR
10 Dragan Stojnić - SRB,
Srećko Radović - SRB
11 Marcos Roland - BRA
12 Anatoly Slesarenko - UKR
13 Anatoly Vasilenko - UKR
14 Menachem Witztum - ISR
15 Suleyman Abdullayev - AZE
16 Zoran Gavrilovski - MKD
17 Živko Janevski - MKD
18 Dieter Müller - GER
19 CGS Narayanan - IND
20 Emanuel Navon - ISR
21 Evgeny Permyakov - RUS
Fedir Kapustin - RUS
22 Anatoly Vasilenko - UKR,
(dedicated to Ilija Serafimović)