Belgrade Internet Tourney 2018

Group B – h#2 , Helpmate in two moves


Judge: Borislav Gadjanski

Published 1. July, Final version on 1. August

PDF version

The thematic condition was the display of „antagonistic pairs“ of solutions in an h#2. This sort of theme contains elements of paradox in its basic definition, so it was interesting to see what would be the composers’ creative answer to this challenge.
The package that I got on the 20th May from the neutral judge, Marko Ložajić, blew me away. Twenty high-quality compositions represent a reponse beyond all expectations and a confirmation that the choice of theme hit the jackpot. In such a situation and tight deadlines it is never easy to make a choice and rank the compositions in a way that causes the fewest possible negative comments. When faced with a wealth of compositions that completely satisfy the theme, the taste, personal inclinations and prejudices of the judge gain in importance, and this is precisely what happened here. I had to eliminate a composition which I had long considered for one of the top spots, that is B-6 (Kg1/Kd5). The reason is the existence of a complete ideal predecessor (see Annex A, in the right column).
I gave advantage to those compositions, in which the antagonism in the strategy is clear and easily noticeable. The commendations are unordered.
Many thanks to Marko Ložajić for translation into English!
After the claims, the Awards have been changed! Final version is:
1st Prize, Fadil Abdurahmanović
white Pa4f5c3d3 Ke2 Rc8 Se8g6 black Qh1 Pb4b5h4g7 Kd5 Rg4h2 Bf2h5

h#2    4 solutions     (8+10)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 2R1N3/6p1/6N1/1p1k1P1b/Pp4rp/2PP4/4Kb1r/7q
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Prize, Vitaly Medintsev
white Qh7 Pe5b4 Sc6g5 Rd8 Ka1 black Pb7e7e6h6c4c3e3f3 Sd6f5 Re2 Kd3

h#2    4 solutions     (7+12)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 3R4/1p2p2Q/2Nnp2p/4PnN1/1Pp5/2pkpp2/4r3/K7
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Prize, Aleksandr Semenenko
white Pf2 Kc2 Be7 Se2g4 black Rh3f8 Kd5 Bc4 Sg6b5 Pe6f5e3a2h4

h#2    4 solutions     (5+11)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 5r2/4B3/4p1n1/1n1k1p2/2b3Np/4p2r/p1K1NP2/8
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Prize, Zoran Gavrilovski
white Ke3 Rg5 Sg3 Bh2f3 black Ba2 Kd6 Qd1 Pb6b4 Sb3a5 Rh7h1

h#2    4 solutions     (5+9)


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FEN: 8/7r/1p1k4/n5R1/1p6/1n2KBN1/b6B/3q3r
(C+ by Popeye)

Spec. Prize, Fadil Abdurahmanović
white Qa4 Kd1 Bc1 black Pb5d7e4f7h5 Kf5 Rf6 Be6h2

h#2    4 solutions     (3+9)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 8/3p1p2/4br2/1p3k1p/Q3p3/8/7b/2BK4
(C+ by Popeye)

1st Hon. Mention, Menachem Witztum
white Ph5h4d2b3 Kb5 Bd7b2 Sf7 black Ba1d3 Ke4 Qf4 Pc4b6b7e3 Sh3 Rg6c2

h#2    4 solutions     (8+11)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 8/1p1B1N2/1p4r1/1K5P/2p1kq1P/1P1bp2n/1BrP4/b7
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Hon. Mention, Vitaly Medintsev
white Qa8 Pb3g5f5d6a7 Rd5e8 Be5 Kc7 black Pc3g7 Ke4 Bb1 Rb4d8

h#2    4 solutions     (10+6)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: Q2rR3/P1K3p1/3P4/3RBPP1/1r2k3/1Pp5/8/1b6
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Hon. Mention, Emanuel Navon
white Pa4e6 Kb7 Rb5 Sc5 black Bh8h1 Kc4 Qg7 Pd3d4c3a3d7b6e4f6 Sd1c8 Rf7e7

h#2    4 solutions     (5+16)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 2n4b/1K1prrq1/1p2Pp2/1RN5/P1kpp3/p1pp4/8/3n3b
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Hon. Mention, Menachem Witztum
white Pg4f4f5e2d4c4 Sf3g6 Re7 Kg1 Bb6 black Bg2b8 Ke3 Qe4 Pd3c3b7d7d6 Sh1e6 Rb5b4

h#2    4 solutions     (11+13)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 1b6/1p1pR3/1B1pn1N1/1r3P2/1rPPqPP1/2ppkN2/4P1b1/6Kn
(C+ by Popeye)

5th Hon. Mention, Emanuel Navon
white Kg1 Re1h4 Se4b7 black Bb1h8 Kd5 Qa1 Pd4c3f5f7d7c6 Se5 Rf6h5

h#2    4 solutions     (5+13)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 7b/1N1p1p2/2p2r2/3knp1r/3pN2R/2p5/8/qb2R1K1
(C+ by Popeye)

Spec. Hon. Mention, Anatoly Skripnik
white Qb1 Ka1 Re1 black Ph2d6d7b5 Kg8 Rh1

h#2    4 solutions     (3+6)


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FEN: 6k1/3p4/3p4/1p6/8/8/7p/KQ2R2r
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend., Živko Janevski
white Pd4 Kd2 Rg5 Bb5 black Pf4e5c4 Kd5 Be7h3 Sa7

h#2    4 solutions     (4+7)


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FEN: 8/n3b3/8/1B1kp1R1/2pP1p2/7b/3K4/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Marko Klasinc
white Qf7 Pc6 Kh3 Re6 black Bf8 Kc5 Qd7 Pb7b6d4 Sg7a7 Rd8

h#2    4 solutions     (4+9)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 3r1b2/np1q1Qn1/1pP1R3/2k5/3p4/7K/8/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi
white Kh2 Pc4a3e3f3a4 Ba5 Rc8 Sg2 black Qf4 Pb3 Kd3 Be1 Sg3b2

h#2    4 solutions     (9+6)


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FEN: 2R5/8/8/B7/P1P2q2/Pp1kPPn1/1n4NK/4b3
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Dieter Müller
white Pa5e7h7 Ka2 Be5d7 Sb5c3 black Pa4 Kb4 Be8h8

h#2    4 solutions     (8+4)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 4b2b/3BP2P/8/PN2B3/pk6/2N5/K7/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Abdelaziz Onkoud
white Pg4h7 Se2d7 Bg6 Kg1 Rc4 black Bd4f1 Ke4 Qg8 Pf7b5c5c2f3 Se3 Rf5

h#2    4 solutions     (7+11)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 6q1/3N1p1P/6B1/1pp2r2/2Rbk1P1/4np2/2p1N3/5bK1
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Anatoly Skripnik
white Rf3 Kc4 Bc2g7 Pg3h6 black Rf4a3 Kf5 Be4c1 Pd4g6h5

h#2    4 solutions     (6+8)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 8/6B1/6pP/5k1p/2Kpbr2/r4RP1/2B5/2b5
(C+ by Popeye)

Commend, Nikola Stolev
white Qa3 Pb4b5c4g4h3 Ka2 black Ke6 Pd5d4e7f6g6a7 Bc5f5 Re5d6 Sc7

h#2    4 solutions     (7+12)


Solution   (click to show/hide)

FEN: 8/p1n1p3/3rkpp1/1Pbprb2/1PPp2P1/Q6P/K7/8
(C+ by Popeye)


Thematic condition

Antagonistic pairs:

Two pairs of solutions in h#2 present some kind of opposite tactical effects. Composers are free to use their imagination with a help of following examples.

Example 1:
Fadil Abdurahmanović

3.Pr. Sakkélet 1997

white Ph3 Kf8 Re8 Bh4b1 black Pg6g5d4f2 Kf4 Bc4c1


1.Kf4-f3 Re8-e1 2.Bc1-f4 Bb1-e4 # 1.f2-f1=R Bb1*g6 2.Rf1-f3 Re8-e4 # 1.Bc4-e2 Bb1-e4 2.Kf4-e3 Bh4*g5 # 1.g5-g4 Re8-e4 + 2.Kf4-f5 h3*g4 #

In the 1st pair wR & wB support each other to allow mates on e4. In the 2nd pair wR & wB interfere with each other on the critical square e4.

Example 2:
Fadil Abdurahmanović
Živko Janevski

2.Pr. Problemist Ukraini 2015

white Ph5g4 Kd7 Rd6 Bd4 black Bg7 Kg5 Qb4 Pc7c5f5h3e2 Sc4c2 Rh7d2


1.f5-f4 Bd4-f2 2.Sc2-d4 Rd6-g6 # 1.Kg5-h4 Rd6-g6 2.Sc4-d6 Bd4-f2 # 1.c7*d6 Bd4-e5 2.Kg5-h6 Be5-f4 # 1.c5*d4 Rd6-d5 2.Kg5-f6 Rd5*f5 #

In the 1st pair of solutions black “liquidates” thematic white pieces. In the 2nd pair black “revives” the same white pieces through unpinning.

Example 3:
Fadil Abdurahmanović

1.Pr. J. Elbaz 60 JT 2017

white Qd2 Pa5d5 Kh6 Bg5 black Pa6b5c3 Kc4 Bf3c1 Sb2 Rg2


1.Kc4-b4 Qd2-f4+ 2.Kb4*a5 Bg5-d8 # 1.Bf3-d1 Bg5-e3 2.Bd1-b3 Qd2-d4 # 1.Kc4-c5 Qd2-d3 2.Rg2-d2 Bg5-e7 # 1.Bf3*d5 Bg5-f6 2.Rg2-g5 Qd2*c3 #

White avoids self-pin (see dual-avoidance moves) in the 1st pair. In the 2nd pair white allows self-pin (counting on unpinning by black).


Fadil Abdurahmanovic
Fadil Abdurahmanović

Vitaly Medintsev
Vitaly Medintsev

Aleksandr Semenenko
Aleksandr Semenenko

Zoran Gavrilovski
Zoran Gavrilovski


Fadil Abdurahmanović (BIH) 2
Zoran Gavrilovski (MKD)
Živko Janevski (MKD)
Marko Klasinc (SLO)
Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi (UKR)
Luis Miguel Martín (ESP)
Vitaly Medintsev (RUS) 2
Dieter Müller (GER) 2
Emanuel Navon (ISR) 2
Abdelaziz Onkoud (MAR)
Aleksandr Semenenko (UKR)
Anatoly Skripnik (RUS) 2
Nikola Stolev (MKD)
Menachem Witztum (ISR) 2


A : Valery Gurov

3-4.Pr. Problemist Ukraini 2015

white Pf2e2f3h5d6 Kc2 Ba2b6 Rf7 black Pb4g5g7d7 Sf4d8 Bg2 Ke5 Rb5


1.Rb5-d5 e2-e4 2.Rd5*d6 Rf7-f5 # 1.Sd8-b7 e2-e3 2.Sb7*d6 Bb6-d4 # 1.Rb5*b6 Rf7-f5 + 2.Ke5-d4 e2-e3 # 1.Sd8*f7 Bb6-d4 + 2.Ke5-f5 e2-e4 #

B : Michal Dragoun

Pr. The Problemist 2007
Album FIDE 2007-09

white Pc4f4 Kd8 Ba8g7 Se5 Rg3 black Bh8 Kd4 Qh6 Pe7b5b3 Sc1 Rd2


1.Sc1-d3 Ba8-d5 2.Sd3-c5 Se5-c6 # 1.b5*c4 Se5-f3 + 2.Kd4-d3 Sf3-d4 # 1.Qh6*f4 Se5-c6 + 2.Kd4-e4 + Sc6-d4 # 1.Qh6-c6 Rg3-c3 2.Qc6-c5 Se5-f3 #

C : Fadil Abdurahmanović

2. Pr. MAT 1980
Album FIDE 1980-82

white Qh8 Pg5a4f4 Kf8 Rc8d4 Bc4 black Qh3 Pg6b3d3e3 Kc3 Be2


1.Qh3*c8 + Rd4-d8 + 2.Kc3*c4 Qh8-d4 # 1.Qh3*h8 + Bc4-g8 + 2.Kc3*d4 Rc8-c4 #

D : Michal Dragoun

Probleemblad 1993

white Qe8 Pd5c4 Kc7 Re6f5 Bg6e5 black Bf7 Ke4 Qg8 Pb7d4f4g4 Sc6h6 Rh7c5


1.Bf7*e6 + Rf5-f7 + 2.Ke4*e5 Qe8*e6 # 1.Bf7*g6 + Be5-g7 + 2.Ke4*f5 Qe8*g6 #

E : József Korponai

1.Pr. Schach-Echo 1970-I
Album FIDE 1968-70

white Pc5 Sg4b3 Bg8 Ke1 Rd1 black Bd4 Kd5 Qg6 Pe2 Sc6 Re6

h#2 b)Sb3→g7

a) 1.Qg6-d3 Bg8-h7 2.Bd4-e5 Sg4-e3 # b) wSb3-->g7 1.Qg6-f7 Rd1-c1 2.Re6-e5 Sg4-f6 #

F : Fadil Abdurahmanović
Živko Janevski

The Problemist 2016

white Qg2 Kf8 Bd7 black Pg6c5f3g3 Re4 Ba6d4 Ke3


1.Bd4-e5 Bd7-b5 2.Ke3-d4 Qg2-d2 # 1.Re4-e5 Bd7-g4 2.Ke3-e4 Qg2*f3 # 1.Ke3-f4 Qg2-b2 2.Bd4-e3 Qb2-f6 # 1.Ke3-d3 Bd7-a4 2.Re4-e3 Qg2-c2 #