BPCF 2017 - XII Београдски фестивал проблемског шаха 2017.

Belgrade Internet Tournaments 2017

Group A – #2 ,

 Mate in two moves


Judge: Marjan Kovačević, International Judge

The thematic condition asked for multiple gate opening by the key-move, a motive rarely explored. Both quality and quantity of 25 anonymous entries have pleasantly surprised me!
I paid special attention to subtlety of thematic black errors: from the less sophisticated ones, leading to recapture, unguard of mating field, white line opening, or capturing by the key-piece; to the more subtle motives, like self-block, black interference, or capturing by white unit other then the key one (usually asking for additional effects of the key-move).
After the award had been completed, it turned out that one composer was author of two different joint entries (No. 4 – P.N.& A.V. and No.18 – M.B. & A.V.), against the (often criticized) rules of BIT. So, with regrets, I had to exclude the somewhat lower placed No.18.
There were two entries (Nos. 19 & 21) equally impressive from my point of view. Since this is a thematic tourney, I gave priority to the most intensive presentation of the theme. If this was an informal tourney, the first two prizes would exchange their places in my award.


Thematic condition

Double White-Black gate-opening

Solution begins with simultaneous opening of two (or more) black lines. Black pieces use this effect as double gate-opening, to create variations by moving over critical field vacated by the white key-piece.

Example -(Scheme)

white Pb3c4c6 Sb4e5 Re6 Kc5 black Ka5 Rg6 Bf7


1.Re6-e7 ! threat: 2.Re7-a7 # 1...Rg6*c6+ 2.Se5*c6 # 1...Bf7*c4 2.Se5*c4 #


Manikumar S.
S. Manikumar
C.G.S. Narayanan
Ivo Tominic
Ivo Tominić
Aleksey Oganesjan
Aleksey Oganesjan
Evgeni Bourd
Evgeni Bourd


Suleyman Abdullayev (AZE)
Rauf Aliovsadzade (USA)
Mark Basisty* (UKR)
Dr Phani Bhushan (IND)
Evgeni Bourd (ISR)
Chandrasekaran K (IND)
Mykola Chernyavskyy (UKR)
Branislav Djurašević (SRB)
Dan-Constantin Gurgui (ROM)
Fedir Kapustin (UKR)
Marko Klasinc (SLO)
Ralf Krätschmer* (GER)
Robert Lincoln (USA)
Ingemar Lind (SWE)
Manikumar S. (IND)
Karol Mlynka (SVK)
Narayanan CGS (IND)
Emanuel Navon (ISR)
Petro Novitsky* (UKR)
Aleksey Oganesjan (RUS)
Franz Pachl* (GER)
Miodrag Radomirović (SRB)
Srećko Radović (SRB)
Yosi Retter (ISR)
Seetharaman Kalyan (IND)
Ivo Tominić (CRO)
Anatoly Vasilenko** (UKR)

28 names

from 13 countries


BPCF2017A - Award

1st Prize
Manikumar S, Narayanan CGS,  India
white Bc4f2 Ka5 Qg5 Pc5d2 Sd3f1 Rg3 black Rg7h5 Bf7h6 Ke4

FEN: 8/5br1/7b/K1P3Qr/2B1k3/3N2R1/3P1B2/5N2
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Prize
Ivo Tominić,  Croatia
white Be3a4 Ka5 Qf6 Pd3e6c6 Sc8 Rb4 black Qg6 Sc2 Bh8 Kd5

FEN: 2N4b/8/2P1PQq1/K2k4/BR6/3PB3/2n5/8
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Prize
Aleksey Oganesjan,  Russia
white Bg6 Kb8 Qa3 Pf4h7 Sc4e6 Rg2g8 black Ph2f2c2e5b6d7 Sg4f7 Bb3 Kh6 Rb4

FEN: 1K4R1/3p1n1P/1p2N1Bk/4p3/1rN2Pn1/Qb6/2p2pRp/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Spec. Prize
Evgeni Bourd,  Israel
white Bg8d6 Kc7 Qf3 Pe7e5b4f2 Sa3e1 Rd7c1 black Bd2h1 Kd4 Qh4 Pa5f5b3b2 Sc6c2 Re6g3

FEN: 6B1/2KRP3/2nBr3/p3Pp2/1P1k3q/Np3Qr1/1pnb1P2/2R1N2b
(C+ by Popeye)

1st Hon. Mention
Petro Novitsky, Anatoly Vasilenko,  Ukraine
white Bg7f3 Kh3 Qa1 Pf7c5g4 Sc6c3 Rd8f8 black Bb3 Ke6 Qb2 Pd2 Sa8c8 Rc2

FEN: n1nR1R2/5PB1/2N1k3/2P5/6P1/1bN2B1K/1qrp4/Q7
(C+ by Popeye)

2nd Hon. Mention
Franz Pachl, Ralf Krätschmer,  Germany
white Ba8 Kg8 Qe1 Pf5d4f4 Sd3 Rg7c1 black Pd7f6d5 Kd6 Bc7e2 Sh4 Rc3

FEN: B5K1/2bp2R1/3k1p2/3p1P2/3P1P1n/2rN4/4b3/2R1Q3
(C+ by Popeye)

3rd Hon. Mention
Branislav Djurašević,  Serbia
white Bg5 Ke2 Qh8 Pf5 Sf3e3 Rg6 black Ph3e5d7 Ke4 Rh6g7 Be8

FEN: 4b2Q/3p2r1/6Rr/4pPB1/4k3/4NN1p/4K3/8
(C+ by Popeye)

4th Hon. Mention
Miodrag Radomirović,  Serbia
white Bd7 Kc3 Qh8 Pb5c5d4e3 Se5b3 Rb6a1 black Qb8 Pa3 Bf6g4 Re6g5 Ka4

FEN: 1q5Q/3B4/1R2rb2/1PP1N1r1/k2P2b1/pNK1P3/8/R7
(C+ by Popeye)

5th Hon. Mention
Ingemar Lind,  Sweden
white Bf6c4 Ke1 Qd5 Pd4f3g2 Sa3e2 Rb6 black Ba8f4 Ke3 Qf7 Pb3g3 Sg6 Rd7b5

FEN: b7/3r1q2/1R3Bn1/1r1Q4/2BP1b2/Np2kPp1/4N1P1/4K3
(C+ by Popeye)

6th Hon. Mention
Suleyman Abdullayev,  Azerbaijan
white Qb2 Pc7a4d4a3 Kc8 Rd8a7 Sf4b1 black Qd2 Pa5d5h5d3c2 Kc4 Rh4f2 Bh2

FEN: 2KR4/R1P5/8/p2p3p/P1kP1N1r/P2p4/1Qpq1r1b/1N6
(C+ by Popeye)

7th Hon. Mention
Seetharaman Kalyan,  India
white Rc6h5 Sg8e1 Bb8f7 Kf1 Pf6b5d5e3d2 black Qb7 Pc7d4 Rb6 Be8 Ke4

FEN: 1B2b1N1/1qp2B2/1rR2P2/1P1P3R/3pk3/4P3/3P4/4NK2
(C+ by Popeye)

Spec. Hon. Mention
Ichai,  .
white Qe7 Pg6e4d3 Sg3 Rh5e2 Kc2 black Pg7c5g4 Rd8e8 Bc8f8 Kd4

FEN: 2brrb2/4Q1p1/6P1/2p4R/3kP1p1/3P2N1/2K1R3/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Emanuel Navon,  Israel
white Be4f4 Kb4 Qf1 Pc4g4f2 Sc3e1 Rg3 black Qh1 Pg7d6e6d3c2 Kd4 Bf3 Re2

FEN: 8/6p1/3pp3/8/1KPkBBP1/2Np1bR1/2p1rP2/4NQ1q
(C+ by Popeye)

Mykola Chernyavskyy,  Ukraine
white Qh6 Rb7e4 Ba8 Sf6 Kc5 black Qg6 Pf7a5d5g3 Ka6 Rh7 Se3

FEN: B7/1R3p1r/k4NqQ/p1Kp4/4R3/4n1p1/8/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Dr Phani Bhushan,  India
white Ba8 Kg2 Qc8 Pf5f3g3 Sf7 Ra6d5 black Qa5 Pa4b4 Bc6 Rd8 Kh5

FEN: B1Qr4/5N2/R1b5/q2R1P1k/pp6/5PP1/6K1/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Chandrasekaran K,  India
white Be6 Kh4 Qc4 Pc3g3 Sc7h5 Rc6 black Qa4 Pb5g4c2 Sf6 Bb3 Ke5

FEN: 8/2N5/2R1Bn2/1p2k2N/q1Q3pK/1bP3P1/2p5/8
(C+ by Popeye)

Marko Klasinc,  Slovenia
white Qd1 Sd7 Rg7 Kh7 Bc5d5 black Qg1 Pa6h6f4g4 Kf5 Ra5c3

FEN: 8/3N2RK/p6p/r1BB1k2/5pp1/2r5/8/3Q2q1
(C+ by Popeye)

Yosi Retter,  Israel
white Bg3e2 Kf7 Qd7 Pg4c2f2 Sb6d4 Rf6d5 black Ba1 Ke4 Qa3 Pg7b4 Sf8g2 Rh5d1

FEN: 5n2/3Q1Kp1/1N3R2/3R3r/1p1Nk1P1/q5B1/2P1BPn1/b2r4
(C+ by Popeye)

Srećko Radović,  Serbia
white Qh4 Pf7e4g2 Sf8d5 Bb8 Kg5 black Qc4 Ph5d4c3d3 Rd6e1 Bc6h2 Ke5

FEN: 1B3N2/5P2/2br4/3Nk1Kp/2qpP2Q/2pp4/6Pb/4r3
(C+ by Popeye)

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